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Harriston Industries and Mayo Mfg. Co. are divisions of Harriston-Mayo.

Harriston Industries is located in Minto, North Dakota and is a manufacturer of a variety of potato and edible bean equipment. Products include Cup and Pick Potato Planters, Fertilizer Banders, Cultivators and Weeders, the Clodhopper and Terrastar dirt and clod removers and bean cutters and windrowers.

Mayo Manufacturing Company is located in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, and is a manufacturer of potato and vegetable handling equipment. Products include Bin Pilers, Evenflows, Conveyors, Wash and Grading Equipment and Truck and Rail Car Loaders. Mayo also provides plant layout and custom design manufacturing services.

Harriston and Mayo have teamed up to provide customers with the finest in potato planting, growing, storage and loading equipment. They provide the widest range of potato equipment available for customers to plant and fertilize with unmatched precision, cultivate and weed. For harvest, they provide gentle, yet high capacity handling equipment. Harriston-Mayo provides the best equipment for customers to provide the best potatoes.

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